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Buick Hope Supermodel Marissa Miller Will Convince Us the Enclave is Sexy

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Buick’s latest semi-comic ad stars another random celebrity that wouldn’t be seen dead in one of their minivans.

Supermodel Marisa Miller, known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated's iconic Swimsuit issues and Victoria's Secret ads, is the latest star, following Shaquille O'Neal and Ving Rhames, to appear in a series of new Buick spots featuring celebrities with unique attributes. The Santa Cruz native - referred to as an "Attractiveness Expert" - was apparently used as she's smart, sexy, athletic and turns heads, qualities that the Enclave also possesses.

Seen packing surf gear into her new Enclave on the beach, she flashes a seductive glance at the camera, while lauding the Enclave's numerous technological highlights such as the power liftgate and the Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist -which makes the vehicle "incredibly smart..."

However, like the lingerie model, the Enclave draws the attention of admirers by way of its alluring outward appearance. Says Marisa "...but all people seem to remember is how good it looks..." After she utters these prophetic lines, a surfer gazing at Marisa slams his board into a cyclist who slams into a street vendor with another biker also distracted by the beauty of Marisa and the Enclave. Marisa Miller's Buick commercial debuts on 14 May when viewers will almost certainly only have eyes for the beautiful model, instantly forgetting the car being advertised.

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