Buick is Awake After 30 Years

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First things first, forget everything you know about Buick. Why? Simply because it's the car your grandfather probably drives (or would love to drive). GM simply let Buick almost slip away in the direction of Oldsmobile and with Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer now on the highway to heaven, there was a good chance Buick wouldn't be far behind. But as things go, never say never. Buick has found new life in making up for product GM once had in Pontiac and Saturn.

What was supposed to be the new Saturn Aura is now the new Buick Regal. Based on the award winning Opel Insignia, the all-new Regal is already a stand out (even though it hasn't been released yet in North America). Originally designed by Opel, GM's European division, the Regal features an updated version of GM's Epsilon platform, new I4 engine, and clean lines. With its European designed and inspired body, this Regal promises to deliver the goods. Bottom line: this is not your grandfather's Buick.

Buick has been on sort of a revival lately. Beginning with the new Enclave SUV, Buick has suddenly become cool again. Who would have thought soccer moms would now be driving around a team of kids in a Buick SUV? Next to launch was the all-new Lacrosse full size sedan. Designed to go head-to-head with Lexus, the Lacrosse has been a sales hit from day one. With striking looks and power to match, the Lacrosse should be on the list of any high end car shoppers.The new Regal, however, is what Buick will be relying on for sales numbers.

Available in 3 different trims, it is meant to appeal to younger buyers who normally are attracted to such cars as the Acura TSX and even the BMW 3 Series. The word is also going around that Buick plans to also launch a Grand Sport version of the Regal. If this comes true, Buick will also be moving into the excitement theme that Pontiac tried so desperately to define throughout its life. While it's sad that Pontiac, a brand with so much history, is now dead, at least Buick is here to stay. With new models like the Enclave, Lacrosse, and Regal, can a brand new Riviera be far behind?

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