Buick Is Going All-Electric Starting With The Electra

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The dying brand will have new life breathed into it.

Buick has been a stagnant brand for a long time, but in March of this year, we exclusively reported that it would be refreshing its brand image with a new logo. Last month, new evidence to support this theory came from one of the ancient brand's current partners, and a few days later, the Buick Electra-X crossover was teased as a concept. Fortunately, this was not just a flight of fancy, and the American automaker will finally have something more exciting than the Enclave to offer its customers. How do we know? Buick has officially confirmed that the Electra concept will be produced and will hit North America in 2024 as part of a bigger strategy that will see the brand become all-electric.

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"Buick is set to embark on brand transformation that will fully electrify its lineup in North America, led by a new badge and brand identity," said the automaker. In support of General Motors' vision of a zero-emissions, all-electric future, Buick will launch the Electra as its first EV for North America in 2024, with this "drawing inspiration from the brand's history." This is part of an ambitious plan of committing to "an all-electric future by the end of this decade," said the brand's vice president, Duncan Aldred.

The new badge will showcase the first significant change to the emblem since 1990 and will no longer be circular, incorporating a sleek, horizontally aligned layout that builds upon the tri-shield. Along with a more attractive logo, Buick's "forthcoming products [like the new Wildcat concept pictured below] will adopt a new design language that emphasizes a sleek, dynamic and forward-looking appearance," said the brand's head of design, Sharon Gauci.

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"Our exteriors will incorporate fluid movements that contrast with tension to convey motion," continues Gauci. "Interiors will balance modern design, new technologies, and attention to detail to evoke warmth and a rich sensory experience."

The new Buick badge will debut on production vehicles starting next year and will be joined by new typography, an updated color palette, and a new marketing approach. In addition, new Buicks sold in the US will come with three years of OnStar and Connected Services, with remote key fobs, WiFi data, and OnStar safety services to be included as standard on all vehicles starting from this month.

We wish Buick all the best and hope that this strategy will be effective in keeping the oldest still-active automobile brand in America alive.

Buick Buick Buick Buick

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