Buick Is Now Offering 24-Hour Test Drives Aimed Squarely At Millennials

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Grandparents with flip phones need not apply.

Buick is known as the automaker most likely to be the first choice of your grandparents and the Chinese. The company is trying to change that and has shown off some pretty sleek concepts recently. Now it's taking another step towards its goal, one that's rather bizarre. The company is offering a 24-hour test drive dubbed the 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive. Okay, so that's not too crazy and is actually kind of cool. Who wouldn't want to spend a day with their future car?

Buick has taken things a step further, though. It has created an entire multimedia package designed to get you to unwind during your test drive/one-day rental. It includes yoga videos, a motivational podcast, short films and even a recipe for a fragrance, because people by cars based on smell (not). We love the idea of the 24-hour tester but Buick seems to have gone a bit overboard with the "Happiness" theme. That being said, old people aren't the best with tech, which means this new program should help reel in the millennials.

John Roe

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