Buick LaCrosse GL Concept Released before LA


The ultra-luxurious Buick LaCrosse GL concept will debut at next week's LA Auto Show.

Buick has just released the first pictures of their near-production ready LaCrosse GL concept meant for debut at next week's LA Auto Show. The LaCrosse GL Concept features top-end luxury and classy design cues that make the LaCrosse appear to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill model. First thought up as a design study focused on luxury, the LaCrosse GL has become something much more.

The interior features a two-tone shade wrapping the seats that combines dark cocoa brown and caramel chocochino leather. The leather contrasts nicely with ice-blue stitching and ambient light of the same color. A wood grain dash and suede wrap on the headliner and storage compartments complete the design study's interior. The exterior is finished in a wine-red color and it sits on a set of 20-inch rims. Executive director of design David Lyon said "The LaCrosse GL concept expresses Buick's distinctly human kind of luxury - one that is as warmly inviting as it is elegant and refined."

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He continued: "The design cues that already distinguish the production LaCrosse - such as the premium leather-upholstered seats, ice blue ambient lighting and soft touch surfaces - are amplified in the GL and serve as inspiration for future Buick models." Future Buick models inspired by the ultra-luxurious LaCrosse GL? Sounds good to us. We look forward to seeing the concept when it debuts at the LA Auto Show next week.