Buick Picks its Top 11 Since 1903

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Buick is celebrating its 110th birthday by selecting 11 automotive highlights from its long history.

It may sound hard to believe for some at first, but Buick has been in the car-building business for 110 years. Despite being a successful money-making brand today, the first Buick was hand-built in a small barn behind founder David Dunbar Buick's home in Detroit, Michigan, way back in 1903. To mark the historic occasion, the American automaker has chosen 11 of what it feels are its most important and game-changing models - one for each decade it's been in business - in this nice photo montage.

Some of those chosen models include the 1904 Model B, the 1936 Century (which was the first Buick to top 100 mph), the 1963 Riviera, the 1987 GNX and the 1938 Y-Job, which Buick claims to be the world's first concept car and was styled by legendary designer Harvey Earl.

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