Buick Regal GS Clocked at a Sizzling 162 mph

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Now this is a modern Buick you would love to drive.

The next time you find out grandpa or grandma is in the market for a new Buick; make sure you mention the Buick Regal GS. According to General Motors, the Regal GS is officially the fastest Buick ever made. Bill Rietow, the sedan's lead development engineer and along with powertrain drive quality engineer John Townsend, backed this statement up recently in the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

Even though the event revolves around a driver finishing the course in a pre-set time, it does have a flat-out phase which the Regal GS took full advantage of and hit the 162 miles per hour mark.

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The Regal GS piloted by Rietow and Townsend was a stock 2012 model, with modifications limited to safety equipment such as a roll hoop and five-point harness seat belts as well as data collection computers. Adding the Regal GS to their already improved portfolio of modern luxury cars is a big step for Buick in attracting new customers well under the age of 65.