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Buick's Avenir Sub-Brand Is Already A Huge Hit

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Turns out buyers love spending more for their Buick.

We hoped Buick would put the stunning Avenir Concept into production, but the American automaker decided instead to use the name to create a high-trim luxury sub-brand in the vein of GMC's Denali line. So far, the Avenir trim has been applied to the LaCrosse sedan and Enclave SUV, and we'll give you three guesses which one is selling better so far. According to Automotive News, one in every four Enclaves sold is an Avenir, and dealers are struggling to keep up with demand.

Sales of the Enclave increased by 15% in the first half of 2018, and the average transaction price went up by around $5,000. This is a win-win for Buick, as shoppers are buying more Enclave models and at a higher price. After only a year of sales, Buick has already invested to increase Avenir trim production to keep up with demand. Jace Stokes, manager of product marketing for the Enclave, says the company is now planning for "Avenir 2.0," with even more differentiation in terms of styling and technology.

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The Avenir costs $13,500 more than the base model Enclave, and is the only trim level with the optional $2,095 technology package, which includes adaptive cruise control and a real-time dampening suspension. Buick says that 80% of Enclave Avenir models are sold with the technology package, which amounts to even more profit for the company. The sky is the limit for the Avenir sub-brand. Given that Buick has already affixed the name to the LaCrosse sedan as well, we could eventually see an Avenir version of every model in the lineup.