Buick's Avenir Sub-Brand Will Be Luxurious, But Still Affordable


Buick Avenir models will have a smaller premium than GMC Denali models.

GM's Buick brand has mainly survived thanks to its huge popularity in China. In its home market, Buick is mainly seen as a brand for older drivers, but GM has been looking to change that image. In order to prove that it could build world-beating cars, Buick released the stunning Avenir and Avista concepts. Unfortunately, Buick has not decided to put either of these awesome cars into production. However, GM did decide to turn the Avenir name into its own Buick sub-brand. Automotive News reports that GM has big plans for the Avenir brand.

GM CEO Mary Barra said that the company has "high expectations" for Avenir, which will debut as the highest trim level on the 2018 Buick Enclave. The Avenir name will be similar to Denali used on GMC models. Denali-badged models now make up 30 percent of all GMC sales, and offer higher margins and transaction prices for GMC dealerships. GM believes that Avenir can do the same thing for Buick. "Avenir already seems to be capturing the imagination," said Duncan Aldred, GM's vice president for Global Buick and GMC, during an event near Detroit. Even though Avenir will be similar to Denali, it will actually command smaller price premiums.

Compared to base models, Denali models are around 43 percent, or $15,750, more expensive on average. The Acadia Denali, which is around the same size as the Enclave, is around 55 percent or $16,415, more than a base model. The Enclave Avenir starts at $54,410, which is 33 percent, or $13,420, above the base Enclave and 11 percent, or $5,400, over the Premium model. This shows that Buick wants to offer its highest trim at a lower price premium than GMC Denali models. The Enclave Avenir trim adds a camera-equipped rear view mirror, power folding third-row seats, pearl nickel 20-inch aluminum wheels, and an ionizer that keeps cabin air clean.

The Avenir trim will spread to more Buick models, but the company has not decided if it will be offered on every model as GMC does. We like to hear that Buick is trying to be more upscale, but we would be much happier if Buick actually decided to put the Avenir Concept flagship into production.


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