Buick Says The Absolutely Stunning Avista Concept Will Never See Production


Our hearts...they ache.

If you're like us, then you were holding out hope that Buick would green light the gorgeous Avista concept shown at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. From the start the automaker said it was just a concept that wouldn't make production or influence the look of any other Buick cars. US vice president of marketing for Buick and GMC, Tony DiSalle, put the final nail in the coffin during a conversation with Ward's Auto. Apparently the public reaction just wasn't good enough to warrant a production version of the Avista.

Catching the eye of the media and public was apparently the concept's only mission. "It was purely a concept and meant to generate some buzz," DiSalle said. "No other plans for now." That's a pretty big bummer, but the chances of the Avista making production as a two-door were always slim. There was chatter that it could potentially see life as a four-door but that apparently didn't do it for GM. The real shame is that the look of the Avista won't influence any future models. That honor goes to the Avinir concept. "Avinir shows the new front-end styling at Buick (that) first shows up in the '17 LaCrosse and will be on all our vehicles over the next two years," DiSalle told Ward's Auto.

We're of course bummed at this news but not surprised. Automakers spend tons of cash investing in new design directions and can't exactly throw all that money away for one concept. However, the Avista was something really special and we would have loved to see it become a halo car of sorts for Buick. Hopefully the concept is revisited down the line at some point.

Source Credits: wardsauto.com

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