Buick Teases its New Envision - For China Only

The Chinese love 'em some Buicks.

The Buick Envision Concept first had its debut at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show. For anyone who doesn’t remember exactly what it was, the Envision was a scissor-door crossover featuring a plug-in hybrid power system. It looked pretty good inside and out, but Buick never once hinted that it was for the US. Remember, people in China, for whatever reason, absolutely love Buicks. Thank them for keeping the brand alive during GM’s bankruptcy.

When the US government wanted the brand killed off, GM simply pointed to its Buick China sales, and that was that. And now the production-spec Envision has been teased ahead of its debut later this year. It’ll fill the slot both size and price wise between the Encore and larger Enclave. This new midsize crossover, according to Buick, "is destined to set a new benchmark in China’s high-end midsize SUV segment for space, safety, performance and specifications." To be honest, we’re actually kind of hoping GM will consider selling this thing in the US as well. It sounds like it could be a solid competitor against the likes of the also new 2015 Ford Edge and even the Lexus RX.

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