Buick to Launch Rebadged Opel Cascada by 2016

Will be named the Cascada rather than reviving the late Riviera nameplate.

AsOpel prepares to launch its 2016 Cascada convertible, it now seems more likelythan ever that the car will become a global product by early 2016, rebadged asa Buick in certain markets outside Europe. According to reports on GMAuthority, Buick has decided to forgo its previous plans to designate the caras a revival of the Riviera nameplate, and it will be marketed as the BuickCascada where relevant. It remains to be seen whether this will include the USmarket.

In any case, the soft-top front-wheel drive Cascada would be a loneplayer in the US market, with scarce competition in its class. Powered by aturbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic, it couldoffer an efficient, unassuming convertible option for buyers interested intop-down, no-frill driving.

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