Buick Wants More GS Models But No Grand National?

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GM basically doesn't want Buick to start competing with Cadillac.

Buick has miraculously turned itself from a brand for retirees into something much more youth-oriented mainly thanks to Opel. Ironically, Opel isn't doing well these days, but that's hardly the case for Buick. With hot-selling models like the Encore and Verano, many have been hoping for the brand to launch more performance models - the Regal GS simply isn't good enough. What fans of the brand really want is a new Grand National.


Although GM hasn't confirmed whether that'll happen or not, the launch of additional GS-badged models will take place. According to a recent report, it's very likely we'll soon see a Verano GS that'll feature upgraded wheels, brakes and suspension tuning. There's even talk of a LaCrosse GS, but a Verano GS makes more sense because it'd be more attractive to younger buyers. The thought of a LaCrosse GS does sound pretty cool, but only if it's powered and packaged properly. However, the big question remains whether there'll be a new Grand National. GM's concern here is that it could step on the Cadillac ATS's toes.

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