Buick Will Be Reborn With New Global Identity

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Hopefully, this will bring about some much-needed change.

In March, CarBuzz sleuths uncovered a trademark filing that revealed Buick was looking to reinvent itself with a new corporate logo. Upon discovering the new Tri-Shield design, we contacted the American automaker and, unsurprisingly, were met with a response denying anything of the sort: "Buick has no announcements to make in relation to speculative reports regarding a logo change."

However, our suspicions were quickly confirmed after leaked images of the logo - on a steering wheel, no less - surfaced online. The tiller itself appeared to be a new design and included premium-looking switches. The 118-year-old brand may debut the new badging and, perhaps, a new model at the same time. There's now more evidence to suggest this.


SAIC-GM, a partnership between General Motors and the company formerly known as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, has said Buick is set to receive a new global identity. The unveiling is scheduled to take place in the Land of the Red Dragon and will herald Buick's departure from a stale stuffy past into a modern, all-electric future.

All will be revealed at the company's 2022 Buick Brand Day, an event where the semi-luxury brand showcases its products to the public.

The date is yet to be determined, but it's reportedly set to happen shortly. There's no word yet as to whether the American subsidiary will receive the revised branding at the same time but, as it's a global identity, we're expecting Buick USA to make a similar announcement.

Buick Saudi Arabia/Instagram
Buick Saudi Arabia/Instagram

We sincerely hope the new badging and identity coincides with a new electrified model. As rivals being their forays into the electric era with startling speed, Buick has been left behind, languishing with a range of uninspired SUVs such as the Envision. Despite the lackluster lineup, GM's oldest brand has teased several intriguing concepts in the past, the latest being an unnamed EV.

We've also seen the gorgeous Electra EV concept which, if pursued to production, should prove hugely exciting. With 582 horsepower and butterfly doors, it will be quicker and more striking than any contemporary Buick offering. Hopefully, something along the lines of this exciting EV will form part of the global rebranding announcement. For MPV lovers, the next-generation, China-only GL8 Avenir is also expected to be revealed at the Buick Brand Day.

2022-2023 Buick Enclave Front Angle View Buick
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Dashboard Buick
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Rear Angle View Buick
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Back Seats Buick
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Front View Driving Buick
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Maximum Trunk Space Buick

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2022-2023 Buick Enclave Front View Driving
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Front Angle View
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Rear Angle View
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Dashboard
2022-2023 Buick Enclave Maximum Trunk Space

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