Buick Electra EV Will Become A Family Of Electric Cars

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The news comes courtesy of the company's latest trademark filings.

General Motors is on an electric vehicle onslaught with recent reveals such as the Chevrolet Equinox EV, GMC Sierra EV, and Cadillac Celestiq.

Meanwhile, the Buick brand has been mostly left out, apart from a possible EV replacement for the Encore. The company revealed the stunning Wildcat, which is only a design study, and the Electra Concept, which previews a future EV model.

According to a recent trademark, Buick will move forward with the Electra name for production and likely introduce a high-performance Electra GS variant. General Motors has just filed for a slew of new trademarks with the USPTO, hinting that the Electra will be a whole family of vehicles and not just one model.

Buick Electra GS Render CarBuzz Buick Wildcat Concept CarBuzz Buick Wildcat Concept CarBuzz Buick
Buick Electra GS Render
Buick Wildcat Concept
Buick Wildcat Concept

GM has filed to protect the names "Electra E1" through "Electra E9" with the USPTO. All nine trademarks are under the section "Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles."

Other automakers have taken similar precautions to protect the names of their EV lineups. BMW owns the names i1 through i9, Hyundai has Ioniq 1 through Ioniq 9, Kia has EV1 through EV9, and Toyota has bZ1 through bZ5, to name a few.

Buick has confirmed two electric SUVs slated for the US market, one of which will likely resemble the Electra-X Concept with a coupe-like profile. This model could be called the 2024 Buick Electra. As of right now, it's unclear what the other EV will be.


With nine names trademarked for protection and only two vehicles confirmed for the US, there's no guarantee that Buick will use the numeric scheme here.

Buick sells well in China, and the 1 through 9 names may be reserved for that market where the brand has a more significant EV presence.

Here in the US, we may only get the Electra/Electra GS and a second model with an entirely different name. Buick has not used the Electra name in the US since 1990, so we will be excited to see it return in any capacity.


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Buick Electra GS Render

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