Buick Won't Build The Avista Because China

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This is Buick's latest excuse for not building the Avista.

First, Buick said that there was not enough public demand for the Avista. Now, Buick is saying that China is the main reason for not wanting to build the stunning concept car. China is by far the biggest market for Buick. Basically, for a car to make sense in the Buick lineup it needs to make sense for China and the executives don't think this is the case. They argue that Chinese consumers won't find the appeal of a sporty coupe, even if there was a four-door version. However, this still doesn't mean that a production version has been killed off completely.


Buick's global brand chief Duncan Aldred told Automotive News that the car wouldn't be a complete money loser. He said that "emotionally, [he would] love to build it" and that he would "buy one with [his] own money and put it in the garage." Amazingly, the saga of this beautiful car has taken another turn for the worse. Yet a production Avista still hasn't been ruled out, despite the fact that Aldred says there "is not a massive opportunity in China." Hopefully someone from GM will stand up and let Buick have just one interesting car!

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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