Building A Range Of Sports Cars Is The First Thing We'd Do To Improve Dodge


Killing off its SUVs would be second.

Currently the Dodge lineup consists of the Charger, Challenger, Dart, Viper, Journey, Durango, and the Grand Caravan. However, like the 200, the Dart is set to be axed and the Viper won't be around much longer either. The Hellcat siblings have shown the world that the aging Charger and Challenger can still be relevant, but neither car is capable of sustaining sales in the distant future. Dodge needs some new models. Frankly, we never understood the separation between the Dodge and Chrysler brands.

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Chrysler was meant to be slightly more luxurious than Dodge, but that wasn't always true. We will tackle Chrysler's lineup in a later piece, but for now we think that in order to distinguish these two brands, Dodge should be transformed into a sports car company. We would start off by introducing a two-seat coupe based on the Fiat 124. While Fiat has already spruced up the Mazda MX-5, Dodge could add even more attitude with a fixed roof and the engine from the 500 Abarth. Why not call it Demon after the concept car from 2007 (seen here)? Next, Dodge will need to create a lighter platform for the next-generation Charger and Challenger. This platform will stay rear-wheel drive with all-wheel drive optional to increase marketability.

Imagine how good the Hellcats could be if Dodge made the cars lighter and more agile. They could become much better competitors for the new Mustang and redesigned Camaro. As a more affordable offering, Dodge could build a small hatchback to rival the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Dodge has attempted to build compact cars before with the Neon, Caliber, and Dart. None have been especially good, even with SRT-4 versions. Dodge needs to offer a reliable turbocharged powertrain, with an upscale yet sporty interior. By adding more power and an AWD variant, Dodge could compete against the Golf R and the new Focus RS. We would love to see the return of the Valiant name, and even a RoadRunner with all-wheel drive!

Finally, Dodge can build a Corvette competitor. The current Viper is basically a competitor for the Z06 Corvette, but we think Dodge should make it less complex and lower the price point. The current Viper is great but too expensive for most people. By ditching the unnecessary V10 and using the FCA family V8s, Dodge can build an awesome sports car for around $55,000. Then they can really go wild by shoving a supercharger in it. We think that the 'Cuda name could give this new car some attitude. In our scenario, Dodge shouldn't build an SUV because honestly, the Jeep brand does it better. By creating some unique distinctions between the Chrysler and Dodge brands, and letting Dodge go wild with sports cars, we think that FCA will have a winner on its hands.