Building Electric Cars Will Cause 10,000 Job Cuts For Volkswagen

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Just one more reason why EVs don't make perfect sense.

In the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen is hard at work designing zero emission EVs in order to change its image. The company could release as many as 30 different EV models by 2025, starting with the recently revealed ID Concept. It may sound great that VW will attempt to fix its image with EVs, but there are downsides of this plan. According to Green Car Reports, VW's head of human resources says that the company expects the emphasis on EVs to eliminate a "five-digit number of jobs."

Electric motors have fewer components than internal combustion engines, and don't require as many workers to install. VW's works council expects that the company will cut at least 25,000 employers from its workforce within the next decade. One alternative to cutting jobs would be for VW to move large-scale battery production in-house. This issue will be discussed at a November 18 meeting of the company's supervisory board. Negotiations between the company and the union may falter if an agreement is not met. If Volkswagen started making its own batteries for its EVs, it could offset any job losses associated with buildings cars without internal combustion engines. Hopefully VW can solve this issue without laying off over 10,000 people.

Erik Schelzig, AP

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