Building The Perfect Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 Costs Over $165,000

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The electric performer carries quite the price tag.

First revealed in February, the Mercedes-AMG EQE signified that change was happening over at Affalterbach. The performance arm's second electric vehicle may not offer a V8 growl, but the 53 variant is astonishingly fast. Zero to 60 mph is dispatched in a mere 3.2 seconds when equipped with the AMG Dynamic Plus Package.

Mercedes-Benz has just released European pricing for the silent performer. It seems our continental counterparts will pay dearly for the privilege of owning the speedy EV, with a base MSRP of €109,777.50 (approx. $112,500). In terms of American dollars, this would put the EQE 53 in the same price bracket as a well-specced EQS 450+ Sedan.

Coinciding with the price announcement is the launch of the configurator. While all prices are in euros, this gives us a good indication of what American consumers will pay when the electric AMG arrives stateside.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Frontal Aspect Mercedes-Benz 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Rear Perspective Driving Mercedes-Benz 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Dashboard Mercedes-Benz 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Central Console Mercedes-Benz
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Frontal Aspect
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Rear Perspective Driving
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Dashboard
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Central Console

The €109,777.50 base price can quickly rise if you're liberal with the box-ticking. Mercedes offers several appealing shades. Black is the only no-cost color, but options such as Spectral Blue metallic (€1,071) and Hyacinth Red metallic (€1,463.70) are also available. Our aim is to build the most expensive EQE 53 possible so we're selecting the Graphite Grey Magno, at €3,332.

Adding the 21-inch AMG multi-spoke alloy wheels further increases the price by €2,023 and we simply must spring for the panoramic sunroof, at €1,808.80. Additional styling add-ons include red-painted brake calipers (€809.20) and a high-gloss black rear spoiler (€297.50). Several other convenience features such as a heated windscreen and acoustic comfort package add €2,760.80 to the bottom line.

Spring for AMG Nappa leather (available in black/brown, black/grey, or grey/blue) and you're looking at €2,701,30. This is also a pre-requisite for cooled front seats, a €916.30 option. Heated rear seats are available for €428.40, among other things.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

Further personalization is afforded by the various trim inlays. Traditional wood finishes can be specified, but the AMG carbon fiber is the priciest at €1,130.50. The lightweight material can also be optioned for the steering wheel and, together with a microfiber finish, makes for a sporty but expensive addition, at €975.80. Microfiber can also be applied to the headlining for €1,904.

A variety of packages are, of course, available for the buyer to choose from. The Premium Plus package is the priciest of the four, but you receive plenty of tech for your €11,144.35. Keen drivers certainly won't hesitate to go for the AMG Dynamic Plus package and AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system, priced at €4,760 and €4,998, respectively.

There are simply too many options to mention, but if you're determined to build the most expensive EQE 53, you'll be faced with a staggering bill of €160.923,70 (approx. $165,200) - a lot of money for a midsized sedan.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

This would make the EQE 53 considerably more expensive than the much faster Tesla Model S Plaid and the more desirable Porsche Taycan Turbo, both of which don't sport the AMG's controversial "egg-shaped" exterior. But, like the C43 AMG's European pricing, we don't anticipate the electric performer will be this expensive when it arrives in the United States. The EQS AMG, for example, is priced from $147,500.

European pricing is particularly high and the prices seen here already include a 19% tax imposed by the government. We anticipate local pricing to rival the aforementioned Tesla and, while it may not be as quick as the Plaid, buyers are still in for a treat.

The AMG-exclusive synchronous electric motors produce a maximum of 677 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque with a boost function, allowing for brief but spirited stints of acceleration. Impressive it may be, this is just the beginning. We've still got the wondrous Mercedes Vision AMG to look forward to.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

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2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Dashboard 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Central Console 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Rear Perspective Driving 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Frontal Aspect

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