'Built Ford Tough' Was Not Intended To Take On Mortar Fire

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Well now.

Don't try this at home. No, really, standing next to a mortar-sighted target even if it won't explode is a really bad idea. So is firing mortar rounds at a defenseless Ford F-150. Granted this truck has already been shot through the engine block by a .50 caliber rifle round. Well if surviving heavy artillery and sniper fire isn't the best "built Ford tough" advertisement ever then we don't know what could top it. Seriously, maybe nefarious insurgent groups might want to trade in their Toyotas for some Ford toughness.

This video comes from the ballsy and cool people over at the FullMag YouTube channel. Enjoy some of the hilarity of giving a truck a proper day's work. And don't stand under falling mortars!

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