Bull Knocks Traffic Cop on His Ass

As if his job didn't already suck.

Ok, we admit there is not much of a car story here, but we seem to have an addiction for videos where people are getting knocked on their asses by horned animals both on and off-road. This video is falls into the former. A Romanian traffic cop is just going about getting his job done, when out of the blue a mature bull sizes him up and plows him over. Likely the bull was distracted by the cop's fluorescent colored vest. The traffic officer was not injured and quickly got back to his feet after the bull fled.

Even funnier, after failing to subdue the bull with tranquilizer darts, the townspeople did the next logical thing, wrestle it. Realizing that wrestling a bull isn't the smartest idea, they finally lasso the beast and end the video by applying what must be the vulcan grip for bulls. You'll just have to watch.

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