Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63 Is a Limo Built For War

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This is one mean machine.

The world is becoming a seriously dangerous place for celebrities, who face having their faces unwantedly snapped on Instagram and tagged in tweets. How does one protect our national treasures from such a horrible fate? You stuff them inside an armor-clad SUV of course. Celebs and politicians alike have loved the armored limo for as long as it has been around, especially in Mercedes-Benz G-Class guise. The car you see before you is a Mercedes-AMG G63 that has been stretched into oblivion and fitted with some of the latest protection devices by Inkas. The company is responsible for the armored version of a Lincoln Navigator we recently covered, as well as a seriously badass law enforcement vehicle.

Inkas Inkas Inkas

To accommodate the extra window in this black ship, the wheelbase has been stretched to 173 inches, yet this G63 can only fit four people. The exterior features a full security detail which includes body armor, ballistic glass, and perimeter surveillance with infrared and thermal cameras. Smaller exterior details include reinforced suspension, bullet-resistant glass, reinforced door hinges, and run-flat tires. Inkas gives you the option of equipping a siren/PA intercom system, as well as heavy-duty brake components, an emergency light system, heavy-duty wheels, and a fire suppression system. This car is capable of withstanding small arms fire up to 7.62 and 0.308 rounds, and the floor can handle a couple of grenade detonations. Under the hood, this G63 sees no changes to the power output, which means you still get 577 horsepower.

Inkas Inkas

The interior is a whole different ballgame: Everything is covered in premium Alcantara suede and top-grain leather. The seats are stitched in an Inkas trademark diamond pattern that looks the business. The infotainment system includes a 4K Apple TV integration, voice-activated controls, and a 4K ultra-high-definition TV monitor. The attention is in the details when it comes to interior features: there is a built-in coolbox and massage seats as well as a customizable daylight headliner that perfectly mimics daylight. This limo is priced at one million Euros (or $1,180,925 at today's rate) and you can get yours right away.

Inkas Inkas Inkas Inkas

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