Bumblebee Will Deliver Some Crazy Car Action This Christmas

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The humble VW Bug hasn't seen this much action since Herbie.

Being a franchise that centers on cars that transform into robots, you can always rely on a Transformers movie to deliver some thrilling automotive action, and the new Bumblebee spin-off film is no exception. If you loathed the last five Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay, who has helmed the franchise since the first live-action film released in 2007, Bumblebee brings some significant changes to the franchise. They seem to have paid off, however, because early reviews suggest this is the film Transformers fans have been waiting for.

Firstly, Bumblebee is no longer a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, but an old 1960s Volkswagen Bug inspired by the original 1980's cartoon. Set in 1987, the film sees Bumblebee seeking refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town while on the run from a US government, only to be discovered by a teenage girl named Charlie played by Hailee Steinfeld who finds out that her VW Bug is actually a giant alien robot. The film focuses on the pair's bond, but there's still plenty of automotive action to enjoy on the big screen.

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Michael Bay is also no longer in the director's chair. Instead, Bumblebee is directed by Travis Knight, who helmed the Kubo and the Two Strings. Knight adopts a more back to basics approach, which is immediately apparent in a new clip showing a car chase from the film between Bumblebee and the police after Charlie gets caught speeding. If Michael Bay filmed this scene, there would have been cringeworthy comedy, incomprehensible quick cuts, and gratuitous explosions galore.

Instead, we get a simple one-on-one duel between two cars in a tunnel, in which Bumblebee uses his transforming abilities to his advantage by squeezing through tight gaps before taking out the cop car by wrecking the wheels. The humble VW Bug hasn't seen this much action since Herbie.

Other cars seen in previous trailers include a 1971 Plymouth Satellite and a 1973 AMC Javelin disguised as Decepticons. Bumblebee speeds into cinemas on December 21 starring Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Glynn Truman, John Ortiz, Peter Cullen, Angela Bassett, and Justin Theroux.

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