Bumpy "Stiffness Test" Proves Which Supercar Has The Hardest Ride

Or should it be called the jiggle test?

Being a collector of incredible supercars, hypercars and muscle cars certainly has its perks. So, when Alejandro Salomon (Salomondrin) decided to put his Pagani Huayra 730S, Porsche 918 Spyder and Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger SRT to the ultimate "stiffness test", he was also able to call some friends and mobilize a Lexus LFA and Dodge Viper SRT to be added into the experiment. Next, he enlisted a skilled "bikini model" who was willing to donate her body to science, and the quest to find which car rides hardest was ready to begin.

Now, this chick might be very proficient at feigning sounds of excitement, but we're pretty sure she really enjoyed it this time. And we're absolutely positive that you will:

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