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Burn All The Oil You Want With Porsche's Bold New Plan

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Porsche aims to offset the environmental impact of internal-combustion vehicles.

Porsche is betting big on an array of electric vehicles it plans to roll out in the coming years. But even before those arrive, the German manufacturer is working to make even its internal-combustion lineup carbon-neutral.

With the new Porsche Impact initiative, Zuffenhausen is aiming to offset the carbon footprint of all its vehicles by contributing (and allowing its customers to contribute) to environmental projects around the world. So no matter how much oil and rubber you burn driving your Porsche, you'll soon be able to balance out any detrimental impact on Mother Earth.

Following pilot programs launched last year in Europe, Porsche Cars North America is implementing the initiative first on its own fleets at both its Experience Centers and the cars offered through its Passport subscription program. Over 335,000 visitors have driven 425 vehicles at the two centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles combined to date. The program aims to offset the 3.5 million miles they're projected to accumulate this year.

It'll soon extend the carbon-offset program to privately owned Porsches as well, allowing customers to choose between contributing to forest protection in the US, solar power in Mexico, hydropower in Vietnam, or wildlife diversity in Zimbabwe.

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Participation won't be free, but it doesn't strike our environmental conscience as terribly expensive, either. For example, the automaker estimates it'd cost between $67 and $152 per year (depending on the chosen environmental cause) to offset 10,000 miles driven by a 2019 Porsche Cayenne S.

"At Porsche, we are continually focused on innovative and sustainable business practices," said the automaker's North American chief Klaus Zellmer. "Porsche Impact is another way for us and our customers to help offset carbon emissions as part of our goal to become the most sustainable premium sports car manufacturer in the world."