Burnout Champ Turns Supercharged Holden into Flamethrower


Watch a worthy burnout champion set the runway on fire by wheel spinning his Holden to death.

The Rylstone Kandos Street Machine & Hot Rod Show was held over the weekend in Kandos, New South Wales, Australia, bringing together custom car and hot rod enthusiasts to compete in a range of wild competitions, from most donuts in 30 seconds through toss-a-spud to best burnouts. The Burnout Competition was split into four categories, namely: normally-aspirated, purpose built, normally-aspirated V8, and forced induction.

For the latter category Rodney Waters drove away as winner in a Kranky Kustoms supercharged Holden V8, and from the video you'll see why he was crowned champion. Normally you'll see a burnout ending with a fire, but with his first wheel spin the Holden goes up in flames with fire marshals required to clean up his beautiful mess.

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