Burnout Loving Dodge Charger Hellcat Melts Tarmac Like Butter


This thing just can't stop burning rubber.

As we saw recently when a Dodge Hellcat spent more time burning rubber than trying to beat a Tesla to the quarter-mile finishing line, the 707-hp super sedan loves nothing more than doing a burnout. According to the guys at KBB, it's one of the easiest cars to shred tire in. Do it for long enough, you'll also be able to melt the tarmac. Literally. This is a car that owners must take to the track to really get their money's worth. There's no point boasting supercar numbers without ever experiencing them.

And while the Charger Hellcat is undoubtedly a beast to live with, you won't have too much trouble cruising around town and going on road trips. Just don't leave your wallet at home. The Hellcat needs constant feeding.

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