Burnout Master Puts Ford Falcon XA Coupe B in a Purple Haze

There’s nothing better than a colored burnout to break up your day.

At the annual Summernats gearhead festival in the Australian capital of Canberra, 80,000 spectators from Australia and beyond gathered to witness over 1,500 heavily modified street machines get up to all sorts of cool stuff. One of the highlights of the 4-day event is the burnout battle, which has been won by burnout legend Gary Myers no less than seven times. This year, the Elite Burnout Master rocked up to Summernats in his tuned 1972 Ford Falcon XA Coupe sitting on a set of purple tires.

Colored smoke isn't new, but normally the big names don't mess touch colored tires as they're considered expensive and pretentious. For many it must have been a surprise to see Myers messing with them, but not doubt a pleasant one.

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