Burnt Clutch Burnouts

A tribute to those who can’t tell the difference between burning tires and a burning clutch.

Despite the high cost of burnouts, and their potential danger, people still love to see and perform them. Smoking tires make for a great show, but what's even better are smoking clutches. And if you think tires can be expensive to replace, just wait and see what the bill is for a new clutch. There's just something about watching a bonehead burn their clutch to a crisp that's impossible to look away from. For those of you that like to watch others wreck their cars, here's a few video clips of people doing just that.

This genius is attempting to perform a burnout in his VW Derby. Things look good initially, but the good times quickly come to an end, with a small fire and a ton of smoke ruining the festivities.

Why change the tires on a 2007 ZO6 Corvette when you can just burn them off? That sounds like a good plan, except for the part where the tires fail to rotate for about 30 seconds. Bye, bye $600, hello new clutch.

Ignore the mismatched rims. Ignore the plastic covering on the passenger window. Just focus on the burnout fail, and the Alien-like explosion that bursts from the hood of this Dodge Neon. So painful, yet so hilarious.

Doing a burnout in a Pontiac Firebird is about as American as you can get. Unfortunately, toasting the clutch while trying to do a burnout in a Pontiac Firebird makes you a borderline Commie.

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