Bus Explosion Sparks Panic In London

Whose dumb idea was this?

Londoners that witnessed the controlled explosion of a double-decker bus on Lambeth Bridge yesterday were understandably left a little shaken. Not all onlookers were aware the Hollywood stunt was being filmed for a scene in upcoming movie ‘The Foreigner’ staring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. So you can imagine their shock when a massive fireball ripped off the top of the bus, exposing dummy bodies on the top deck. Those who witnessed the bus blast described it a looking “very real” and the result as “a grim aftermath.”

While onloomers that were aware of the explosion taking place could enjoy the stunt, people with connections to the terrorist attacks that took place in London on July 7, 2005 were less than impressed.

John Taylor, whose daughter was killed on 7/7, said: “You can totally understand why some people would be alarmed seeing this today. Fair enough there is filming that goes on in the city but this seems particularly insensitive.I know a lot of the families, of other victims and survivors, would be upset by this. Perhaps it wasn’t thought through as much as it should have been.”

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