Bus Takes Out Lamborghini Aventador in China

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What you see here is the result of a poorly executed overtake.

The Lamborghini Aventador has legendary powers of acceleration. Overtaking the car in front is a split-second maneuver in the 700-hp supercar. Yet, as you can see from these photos, some drivers lack the awareness to execute them successfully. According to initial reports from Shaobin Guo at the scene, the Arancio Argos Aventador that lay wrecked in the city of Hefei, China, collided with a bus almost head on while attempting the ill-fated overtake.

The driver was uninjured, but some bus passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. The Raging Bull was less fortunate, suffering substantial damage to its right hand side and losing a wheel. In fact it was a double whammy for the driver, as the insurance won't pay out for the repairs because the supercar wasn't wearing a license plate.

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