Busting Up An Aventador Is As Good A Reason As Any To Go Nuts In Public

This is one of the few times where an adult throwing a fit is OK.

Denting the body work on a normal car sucks, but in a car priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that eyesore is often accompanied by a massive repair bill. That’s why you need to always be aware of your surroundings in a supercar, be they pedestrians, other (and lesser) cars or concrete medians. We don’t know how much this guy in a Lamborghini Aventador will have to shell out to fix the damage done here, but it probably won’t be cheap. For that reason we can excuse the temper tantrum he throws.

The accident here isn’t “epic” or “unbelievable.” In fact, it wouldn’t really be worth talking about if it didn’t involve an Aventdaor and feature a grown man throwing a fit. But it does, so enjoy the video and let us know what you think of dude’s reaction.

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