Button Pilots McLaren P1 at Goodwood

The McLaren P1, wearing a gorgeous purple-tinted black paint job, wowed the Goodwood faithful with its first public debut run.

The dynamic debut everyone was waiting for over the weekend was of course the McLaren P1. And who better to get behind the wheel than the brand's very own 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button. Without attempting to break any records, Button went at the Goodwood Hillclimb with typical aggression, taking just 53 seconds to reach the apex. To put that in perspective, a MP4-13 F1 race car driven by Nicky Heidfeld holds the record at 41.6 seconds. The P1 used for the run was production-spec and looked lethal murdered-out in Amethyst Black.

Unfortunately for Button he won’t be getting one of the 375 P1s as a company car, so his 12C Spider will have to suffice.

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