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36 incredible Corvette barn finds are up for grabs.

Barn finds are quite rare, but it seems like every other week somerare supercar is found lying under a tarp in someone's abandoned garage. We can imagine it might be easy to forget about a single car buried in the back of a large barn or garage but what about a collection of 36 cars? That's a little tougher to lose track of. Still, it happened after Dennis Amodeo won a VH1 contest in 1989, giving away 36 Chevrolet Corvette models from each of the model's first 36 years of production.

We doubt many people could afford to maintain and park 36 Corvettes, doubtless why Amodeo quickly sold them to German-American artist Peter Max, who parked them in New York City garages for the next several decades. The collection is now known as the "Lost Corvettes" and each of the 36 cars will be given away as part of a sweepstake by Corvette Heroes. 36 different people will win and all of the proceeds will benefit the National Guard Education Fund.

Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes

Corvette Heroes is a group of New York real estate and parking garage professionals. The group was founded by Chris Mazzilli, co-owner of the Gotham Comedy Club and owner of Dream Car Restorations, who performed the restorations on the 36 cars. The six most desirable models of the bunch - known as "The Big Six" - were restored into investment-grade pieces.

The Big Six includes Corvettes from 1953 (the first model year), 1956 (used in Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee), 1957, 1966, 1967, and 1969. The remaining 30 cars were "returned to their former glory," which likely included light restoration to get them back to driving condition.

Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes

The collection will be split up as part of the sweepstakes, which can be entered for just a three dollar donation. Additional entries can be purchased, with the max donation listed at $5,000 for 7,200 entries. Some of the cars are clearly worth more than others but we wouldn't be upset after winning a Corvette for just three dollars.

Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes Corvette Heroes
Source Credits: Corvette Heroes

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