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Buy Half A Lamborghini Urus For $115,000

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Shame. It only had 752 miles before this happened.

It's already happened. Not long after the first Lamborghini Urus SUVs hit the road, at least one has already been seriously damaged in an accident. We take that back. This one is totaled. And yet you can buy it right now for $115,000 on Copart, an auction website specializing in seriously damaged and/or totaled vehicles.

Exact details about how this 2019 Lamborghini Urus wound up in its current sad state are unknown, but given its price tag, someone must have determined it can be at least somewhat salvaged. We have our doubts. A picture can speak a thousand words and in this case, there are several pictures.

All of the exterior damage is limited to the front. And that front bodywork is gone. Based on what we can see from the hood, the impact point was on the front passenger side but the full extent of the damage affected the entire front half of SUV, including the engine. Speaking of which, the twin-turbo V8 is now a complete mess.

The radiator on the passenger side is missing, the battery is just sort of dangling there, and the air intakes have been rendered completely useless. However, the engine block does not appear to be damaged, so it's possible the V8 might, just might be salvageable. Whoever accepts the huge repair task is brave. As with any front end collision, the Urus' airbags deployed but the rest of the interior looks just fine. Out back, there's nothing, and that's a good thing. Everything appears to be in good shape.

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So what we have here is a brand-new Urus (half of one) with only 752 miles on its clock, an engine that might not be completely ruined, and perfect rear bodywork. But it sustained quite an impact up front which might mean this Urus could now be best used for spare parts. At some point, someone somewhere will want or need new seats, dashboard, or even a rear tailgate.

With that in mind, $115,000 might not be such an outrageous price to pay. Desperate Urus owners in need of spare parts will have no choice but to fork over the cash.