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It's not your ordinary 2008 model year S8.

At first glance, this 2008 Audi S8 may seem to be nothing more than a stock model wearing a satin black wrap covering an Ibis White body. Well, it's not. Far from it, in fact.

What you're looking at is the very one that almost set the transcontinental 2018 Cannonball Run record with a second-place time of 30:43 (meaning 30 hours and 43 minutes coast to coast). Its current owner and seller bought the car specifically for the Cannonball Run, and also used it in the Corsa Rally, the largest sports and luxury car rally in the US. And it's now up for sale at auction website Cars and Bids.

To prepare for those grueling tasks, the owner set about doing some vital modifications, aside from that cool-looking wrap job. First off, the Lamborghini-derived 5.2-liter V10 which has 450 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque, received an APR Tune Electronics ECU and a custom intake.

Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids

Other long-distance features include front and rear built-in radar detectors (you know, because police), a laser defense system, trunk-mounted Apple Mac Mini computer, wireless router, custom car-management computer, and even a 30-amp aux power station. The black and silver leather interior boasts the factory-installed Premium Package, meaning it also boasts power sunshades and an advanced parking system.

For added comfort during that hard and arduous drive, there's a heating steering wheel and heated front seats. A 12-speaker Bose surround-sound audio system also helped to pass the time. Also notice the iPad mount.

Like all modern fully-loaded Audis, this S8 sports a Quattro all-wheel-drive system that receives its power from a six-speed automatic gearbox. There's also a 60-percent rear torque bias.

Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids

There are few known issues, specifically some paint bubbling on the hood near the grille, and, funnily enough, some holes in the trunk lid due to those mounted antennas. Total mileage comes to 69,100. When it was new, the MSRP reportedly came to a hefty $99,775, and the list of modifications surely added several thousand on top of that. But what's guaranteed about this S8 is its rock-solid reliability.

Any vehicle that can survive the Cannonball Run and place nearly at the top has proven itself to be an extremely capable daily driver. At the time of this writing, the highest bid is only $14,341 and the auction will end this coming Friday, October 23.

Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids
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