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Buy This 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen Right From The Factory

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It's a replica of the first automobile ever made

Want to get your hands on a classic Mercedes? You could try your luck on the open market, or you could turn to the automaker's own All Time Stars program. Part of Mercedes-Benz Classic, All Time Stars offers a wide variety of older Benzes. But this is older than anything else it's ever offered... yet also newer at the same time. What you're looking at is a replica of the original Benz Patent Motorwagen – the very first automobile ever made. Karl Benz invented it early in 1886, shortly before Gottlieb Daimler did the same.

The two joined forces, and the rest, as they say, is history – not only of the company, but of the automobile altogether. With no working examples having survived, Mercedes reproduced a number of these replicas back in 2001-02 for museum display. But apparently it doesn't need this one, so it's selling it. The three-wheeled vehicle packs a 954-cc single-cylinder gasoline engine producing all of two or three horsepower, with a lever for steering and a wooden bench seat with leather upholstery. With one wheel up front, two in the back, and a rather tall riding height, it was hardly the most stable design – but then that wasn't much of a problem, considering that it couldn't go much faster than 10 miles per hour.

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This example was built in 2002 and was recently transferred to the company's Classic Center, which inspected, serviced, and fully restored it. The car has no odometer, but the manufacturer says it has "low mileage." Pricing is only available upon request, but you can rest assured that this labor of love will cost you more than the 600 Deutsche Marks for which they originally sold in the 1880s. Not your cup of proverbial tea? The Mercedes-Benz Classic All Time Stars collection has plenty else on offer currently, from an array of 280-series sedans, coupes, and convertibles and a 600 limousine to an SLR 722 S Roadster and a short-wheelbase '98 G500.