Buy This Guy's Mental Rolls-Royce And Never Fear Bad Decisions Again

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As a bonus, you'll annoy old and cranky Rolls-Royce owners.

We’ve seen this thing before, describing it at the tome as “something so terrible it’s great.” A few months ago, Corbin Goodwin brought his, uh, heavily modified 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II to the canyon roads outside of Los Angeles for an appearance on Matt Farah’s The Smoking Tire. The turbocharged 6.75-liter V8 with a manual transmission ripped from a Ford Super Duty pickup truck is now up for sale with no reserve on Bring A Trailer. Goodwin’s previous creation was the “Zero Fucks Given RX7,” a vehicle he also sold to help fund the Rolls.

And it seems it’s time for Goodwin to sell and move on once again. Originally sold by Beverly Hills Rolls-Royce, the car has been in California and Las Vegas its entire life.

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Goodwin bought it about four years ago and has invested around $20,000 for all of the modifications, which include a large bumper-mounted intercooler, welded rear differential, trunk-mounted radiator, 19-inch Porsche Panamera wheels, and lots of custom fabrication work. Oh, it also has a 20-gallon fuel tank out back. The exterior is, in a word, bonkers. Note the roof coolant lines running from the trunk-mounted radiator over the roof. The hood and grille have also been cut off to allow room for the turbo. The interior features an aircraft boost gauge, Sparco racing bucket seats, and the how can you not see it gearshift lever. There’s so much going on with this thing inside and out, and we highly suggest watching the test drive video again.

We honestly have no clue as to how high the winning bid will reach, but, as of this writing, there’s six days left to place a bid. Someone somewhere will for sure recognize the stupidity of this totally awesome middle finger to stuck up Rolls-Royce purists. Photos courtesy of Bring A Trailer.