Buy this 'High'lander GM Concept for $17,000

Now we now where the "High" part of Highlander comes from.

As the eBay seller rightly points out, GM concepts do not come up for sale too often. OK, so this isn't the most attractive prototype the General has ever concocted, but it's a true one-off and when it debuted at the 1993 Chicago Auto Show, it was the first time the Highlander moniker had been used. Toyota didn't adopt the name until April 2000 when it unveiled the off-roader in New York. Finished in chartreuse and purple, the color scheme is in keeping with the era's happy pill munching culture.

The Highlander concept is based on the 1994 extended-cab S-10 pickup, boasting a custom removable roll bar, a sliding driver-side second door, rollbar with integrated driving lights, and a 4.6-liter V6 mated to an automatic gearbox. The Chevy is a fully-working design study and the seller is asking for $17,000 or best offer to give it a new home. The show truck doesn't have a title, so interested buyers will have to get that sorted before hitting the road. At least now we know where the "High" in Highlander comes from.

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