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Buy This Hoonigan Ford Fiesta ST Before Someone Else Does

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Originally built for SEMA, it's now priced to sell.

The Ford Fiesta ST may be gone from the automaker's US lineup for good, but that doesn't mean there still aren't plenty of second-hand examples out there you can buy. But sometimes the typical Fiesta ST hot hatch simply won't do. One can always go more extreme, whether via aftermarket tuning or this crazy example currently up for sale on Autotrader.

This 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is not normal, in a good way. Originally built for SEMA, this Fiesta ST is actually a replica Fiesta R5 rally car from M-Sport. It has an R5 body kit featuring custom front and rear fenders, side skirts, a massive rear wing, and shaved door handles. There's also its custom Tangerine Orange and Tuxedo Black paint job, although there's also a Hoonigan Monster style body wrap.

Power comes from a 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder with a Garrett Turbocharger and is mated to a short-throw shifter with a Spec 3 racing clutch six-speed. And yes, there's the must-have extended hand shifter and Ken Block style e-brake handle. Total output is 327 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque. The car weighs just 2,700 pounds.

Tuned by Hennessey Racing, other modifications include an air intake by AEM, MRT Rally exhaust, Magnaflow resonators, and a functional air hood vent. It rides on a set of Fifteen 52 wheels with Falken tires. There are LED headlights, tinted windows, and a custom suspension. Step inside and you'll see a full roll cage, detachable Sparco steering wheel, lightweight Sparco racing seats, and a speedometer with 25,000 miles.

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The seller claims to have invested $75,000 into the car but now it's priced to sell at $52,000. The advertisement does not specifically state whether this is street legal or not, but we get the impression it is. Of course, its future owner may end violating some noise ordinances, but such is the price of Hoonigan awesomeness.