Buy This Insanely Rare Ferrari 599 GTB And You're Guaranteed To Make A Huge Profit

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There's one particularly good reason why.

As we've written before, the used Ferrari market is red hot. More so than ever. 308/328 GTBs only cost you around $40k two years or so ago. Some now go for nearly $100k. Never mind all of the maintenance costs involved, but the fact remains that used Ferraris are typically solid investments. Then we came across this 2005 599 GTB. Sure, Ferrari built quite a few of them from 2006 until 2012, but only 30 were built with a six-speed manual; the rest had the F1 sequential gearbox.

Of those 30, just 20 made it stateside while the remaining 10 stayed behind in Europe. In other words, the 599 GTB was the last naturally aspirated V12 with a manual that Ferrari ever built. And now this one is up for sale in Ontario, California. It barely has 18,000 miles on the clock and recently received a $9,500 service at a Ferrari dealer. It appears to be in absolutely perfect condition. No wonder the dealer hasn't published the list price. But do some digging around and you'll see that a similar manual-equipped 599 GTB sold for almost $700,000 last March at Amelia Island's RM Auction. Expect a similar price here but remember this: a 599 with a gated shifter will only get better and more valuable with age.

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