Buy This Ridiculously Sexy And Rare Range Rover Evoque With Victoria Beckham

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As if we needed another reason to get one…

Land Rover is known for coming out with limited, exclusive editions of already luxurious models. In 2013 there was the "Range Rover Evoque with Victoria Beckham," which sold out of its 200 available models very quickly. The United States only received five of these beauties, and one just popped up for sale. They are all hand-finished in a matte grey and have enhancements to give the car a heightened sense of superiority. If that wasn't enough, this specific one was owned by an unnamed celebrity.

Updates include pure rose gold accents on every wheel, grille and badge. The interior is swathed in fine tan leather, and the four sporty bucket seats provide supreme comfort. Having a coupe SUV is somewhat inconvenient, so whenever you get annoyed just remind yourself that you are riding in a vehicle inspired by the gorgeous Victoria Beckham. Of course this kind of luxury doesn't come cheap. This used one is currently selling for $94,999, with just over 12,000 miles on the clock. For those lucky enough to get a new one when they came out, the price would have been far over $100,000.

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