Buy This Supercharged 937-HP Dodge Viper If You Dare

For Sale

Whoever ends up owning this supercharged Dodge Viper must have a death wish.

The Dodge Viper is now sadly a distant memory, as production of the iconic American muscle car finally ended this year. Inevitably, sellers are trying to cash in on the demand, but this Viper is unlike any other. The original 1990s Viper had a reputation for trying to kill you if you dared to push it to the limit thanks to the combination of a powerful 8.0-liter V10, rear-wheel drive, and no electronic driving aids whatsoever. So it probably wouldn’t be wise to add a supercharger and double the horsepower unless you have a death wish.

But that’s exactly what someone has done to this 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 listed for sale on Craiglist. The car was originally bought with a pre-installed supercharger by an aftermarket tuner, which sent 707 horsepower to the wheels. If that didn’t already sound absurd, the second owner added some additional modifications, and as a result the modified Viper sends 937 hp to the wheels when running on E85 fuel. To cope with such monumental power, the Viper has been fitted with more powerful fuel pumps, a triple-pass high-flow radiator, a dual pass front-mounted heat exchanger, and upgraded axles among other upgrades. Exactly what the owner hoped to achieve here isn’t clear.

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The original Viper was never designed to be a drag car, but that’s about all this 937-hp monster is suitable for as it would be too tricky to tame anywhere else. At least they had the sense to install an AEM Infinity ECU with adjustable traction control that has 11 settings. The exterior and interior remains stock featuring the Viper’s original paint, and is one of only 320 Viper RT/10s finished in white with a blue stripe. For those brave enough to tame this beast, it can be yours for $50,000.