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Buy Your Very Own Supra GT4 From Toyota Gazoo Racing

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The reborn sports car gears up for competition duty.

Want to hit the track with a new Toyota Supra? You could buy the road-going version and modify it for circuit duty. Or you could buy this one straight from Toyota Gazoo Racing.

Previewed in concept form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show a few months ago, the Japanese automaker has now confirmed and revealed the new GR Supra GT4, set to begin reaching customer racing teams starting next year. And it comes right out of the box with all the gear you'll need to field it in racing series around the world.

One of the most "accessible" classes of sports-car racing, GT4 regulations call for vehicles closely based on their road-going counterparts. So while the competing vehicles don't use massively upgraded engines, they do incorporate upgraded rolling stock, aero, safety, and other equipment.

The finalized Supra GT4 looks largely similar to the concept we saw in Geneva. The major departure is inside the cockpit, which on the concept looked mostly the same as the road-going version's (with a new steering wheel and seats), but the interior of this version has been completely stripped out and fitted only with what's needed for racing.

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Though final specifications and pricing are still to be announced, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 is confirmed to carry the same BMW-sourced 3.0-liter turbo six, driving the rear wheels through an automatic transmission. While the electric power steering rack and multi-link rear suspension ostensibly carry over from the road-going version, the double joint springs at the front are replaced by MacPherson struts, ditching the active/variable system in the process. Akrapovic provides the exhaust system, Pirelli the slicks, and Ravenol the lubricants. It's fueled through a competition-spec cell with quick-fill system, with a natural-fiber composite aero kit and FIA-spec racing seat.

The Supra GT4 has been developed and will be constructed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH, the same German division that runs the company's Le Mans prototype and World Rally Championship programs, and previously ran its F1 team, and offers race and rally versions of the Toyota 86 (among others).

This isn't the first racing version of the new Supra we've seen, mind you, following versions previously launched for the NASCAR Xfinity, Super GT, and VLN series. But this is the first version that customer racing teams will actually be able to buy, eligible for the likes of the GT4 European Series, the British GT Championship, Pirelli GT4 America, and Japan's Super Taikyu Series.