Buyer of Georgia Police Car Sold on Craiglist Apprehended in Chattanooga

A lost police vehicle has been found after it was sold on the popular classified ad website.

Who wouldn't be tempted by a classified ad for a decommissioned police car? Driving around in a Police Ford Crown Victoria with the lights, camera and radar all in working order is surely four grand well spent. That is until you get pulled over by the authorities. Luke Ridings, 20, was unfortunate to be stopped by one of Chattanooga's finest, although with the car boasting the signature police bumper and a blue light but with a personal tag on the back, he was asking for trouble.

Having been put out of service due to electrical problems, the cop car somehow made its way onto Craiglist avoiding its date with a towing company that was readying to crush it into a cube. The driver admitted to purchasing the car on Craiglist and was duly arrested by Pol. Sgt. Jerri Weary for driving an unregistered vehicle as well as underage drinking and the bizarre charge of financial responsibility. The slightly used cop car has been confiscated by the Chattanooga police, who are working around the clock to determine which pesky individual put the cruiser on the popular classifieds website.

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