Buyers Have To Jump Through Hoops For Toyota's New Hypercar

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A new questionnaire from Toyota suggests you need to have owned some very rare metal!

We've been covering the highly anticipated Toyota Hypercar for over three years, and in that time we have speculated about its power outputs, acceleration times, and even potential cost, but it's all been, well, speculation. We do know that the "GR Super Sport" as it is commonly known won't be called that. Toyota made a trademark filing at the end of last year for the name "GR 010", and reports have named a 2.4-liter, twin-turbo V6 "Competition" engine mated to three electric motors as the powertrain of choice, giving it a total power output of 1,400 horsepower and a zero to sixty sprint time of only 2.5 seconds. Confirmation arrived earlier this year, however, of drastically reduced outputs of 670 horsepower in a car that weighs just 2,270 pounds. While the guessing game continues as to what the final specs will be, the company has given fans a glimmer of hope thanks to a tentative questionnaire issued by Toyota Gazoo Racing, which asks a bunch of telling questions.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

The Form, which has been posted on the Toyota Japan website starts off by asking how many performance cars the person answering has owned and then asks him or her to list their favorites in order (there's space for ten cars, so you know you're dealing with big bucks). The questionnaire then goes on to ask how many miles are traveled with said sports cars. The next section is an interesting one: Toyota asks for the "models of the sports car you plan to purchase in the future" with up to five empty slots, and then follows this with two very important questions: Do you, or have you ever owned a Toyota 2000GT or Lexus LFA. To some, this may be inconsequential, but we suspect this will be a qualifying question to select who gets the opportunity to own the new hypercar and not just any Toyota Supra owner will be handed the keys.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

Following these questions, the form delves into the person's interest in motorsport and asks how many times you drive on track every year. You also get to answer which types of motorsports you're interested in, and whether or not you hold a motorsport license. Finally, we get to the meat of the form: "what are your interests and expectations for GR Super Sport?" with available answers including "durability, reliability to win a 24-hour race", "Toyota's attitude about 'make sure that cars are fun for the next 100 years'", and "[Hybrid Vehicle] system that combines ultimate power and environmental performance". The final question asks how likely you are to buy the SuperSport. We wish there was an "I'll sell one of my family members for one" option.

If you're interested, you can fill in the survey here.

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