Buying A Ford Mustang GT350 Or Raptor Has Racing School Perks

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Same goes for a Focus RS, Focus ST or Fiesta ST.

Perhaps one of the best things about Ford's lineup of performance cars is that there's literally something for just about any budget. The cheapest you can get is the Fiesta ST, without question one of the best hot hatches on sale today. At the opposite end of the spectrum is, of course, the GT supercar. But in the middle there are a number of solid choices, ranging from the Focus ST to the extreme off-road capable F-150 Raptor. Aside from buying the car itself, perhaps the next biggest perk is the opportunity to attend the Ford Performance Racing School.

For $1,695, attendees can enjoy the one-day program that instructs them about essential things like cornering techniques, overall control and downshift braking. Opting for the two-day program will set you back $3,195, but the end results will be more than worth it.


Along with everything from the one-day program, participants will focus on achieving even great control of their cars, consistency at high speeds, additional track time, and even an optional upgrade to a race-prepped Boss 302 Mustang, which is normally part of the three- and four-day Race Licensing program. So where does all of the fun take place? The Utah Motorsports Campus, a 4.5 mile, 23-turn circuit with up to four different configurations is the chosen venue. In fact, it can be converted from two different 2.2 mile circuits to a 3.08 mile perimeter course and a 4.5 mile full course. So figure it like this: a brand-new 2018 Fiesta ST costs $22,070. Tack on another $1,700 or so and you've got pro driving school included. Hard to beat that.


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