Buying a GT86? Better Consult the Missus First

Not all relationships are strong enough to survive a surprise sportscar purchase. Only one way to find out.

Toyota's return to the sports car market was lauded by men across the globe who waited patiently for years for the arrival of the the GT86 (and its American cousin, the Scion FR-S. But now that the boy's toy is here, how many guys really have the balls to go out and buy one? The GT86 has garnered almost universal praise, leaving little chance of buyer's remorse. But as this spoof commercial points out, the purchase may not be as well received by your better half, even if it is relatively affordable.

Maybe that's not a bad thing, though, as it gives guys a quick escape route out of a relationship with someone who may not understand us. Pop out for groceries and return with a new sportscar. A few tears (and hopefully not a smashed windscreen) later and it'll be just you and your GT86, leaving your nagging girlfriend in the dust.

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