Buying A Polestar Won't Be Like Buying A Normal Car


In fact, it will be rather similar to buying a Tesla.

Saying we've been excited for the upcoming Polestar 1 would be an understatement. The car will be sold in extremely limited numbers, meaning only a few people will get to experience the 600-horsepower grand tourer. After the Polestar 1, Volvo's performance brand will introduce an electric sedan called the Polestar 2. Both cars will be sold through bespoke showrooms that will be called Polestar Spaces. These spaces will have an extremely modern design.

Their sales tactics will be very forward thinking as well.


As a new brand, Polestar needs to differentiate itself from the pack, and the first step is through the Polestar Spaces. Unlike a traditional car company, Polestar isn't interested in just selling its cars for a set price. Instead, the brand will offer a subscription service, which includes insurance and maintenance.

Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar says "We also want to remove the hassle from traditional car ownership. The customer will be able to research, configure and order their car online. They can choose our innovative subscription model that enables them to have all their motoring costs covered by one single monthly payment."


When you go into a Polestar Space, you won't encounter traditional dealership sales tactics. Ingenlath says customers will "interact with non-commissioned product experts who are totally focused on enhancing their brand experience and giving them the information they want and need. They will also have pick-up and delivery servicing, meaning that their days of standing in line at service reception are over."

The idea of selling cars with no pressure isn't unheard of in the US - Tesla has been using a similar concept to disrupt the old-fashioned dealership model for several years now.

We are still excited to see Polestar finally arrive as its own production brand. The first year production run of the Polestar 1 is already sold out, with 200 units destined for the US market. Hopefully, the Polestar 2 will be sold in less limited numbers.


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