Buying Your Dad His Dream Car Is The Best Feeling Ever

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Especially when that dream car is a brand new Z06.

The Corvette Z06 is a car you'd be thrilled to own under any circumstances. But being presented with one as a 50th birthday gift from your son has got to feel extra special. YouTuber 'itsLance210' has always dreamed of buying his dad his dream car. And both father and son's dreams came true this week. It was enough to leave Lance's unsuspecting dad (who we imagine to be a tough guy most of the time) in tears, and only the coldest of hearts will watch this without having a similar reaction.

With 650 horsepower on tap, the Z06 boasts supercar performance, but the happy new owner will have to drive 500 miles at low revs before unleashing the hi-po Vette's full potential. We can't help think he drove it all night long, a grin stitched permanently on his face, as he put mile after sweet mile on his new red toy. Check out his reaction here:

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